Shoes Machine

Curved Automatic EVA Foaming Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-639D,Curved Automatic Eva Foaming Injection Moulding Machine
Item NSK-639D Unit
Number of stations 6 stations
Size of mould available L550xW300xH115~260 mm
Number of injection seat 2  
Screw diameter Ø65x2 mm
Max. injection volume 1327x2 cm³/shot
Thermal zone of barrel 4  
Motor 25HPx2,15HPx1,5HPx1 HP
Electric heating capacity 62.6 kw
Max. electric consumption 115 kw
Volume of oil tank 1144 L
Machine dimension L6700xW6600xH3300 mm
Machine weight 32 Tons
EVA Shoes Machine, Shoe Machines, Plastics Injection Machines, Two Color Rain Boots Injection Molding Machine.