Shoes Machine

Rotary Type Automatic PU Single Density Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-717,Rotary Type Automatic PU Single Density Injection Moulding Machine
LCD touchable setting, easy to operate. Display on computer screen, easy to monitor the state of machine.
High effective electronic controlling, can adjust and set different PU injection volume for each station to meet different requests of mold.
Special design for mixing head, grinding-proof, precise mixing materials. After injecting can clear residue automatically without any solvent.
PU material tank with stable thermos and stirring, also with double-layer thermos-cycle barrel to ensure the normal property of material.
Item NSK-717 Unit
No. of station 20 stations
Size of mold available L:380 x W:180 mm
Height of last 383 mm
Electric motor 7.5HP x 1(Disc Pump)6HP x 1(Shaft) HP
Electric heating capacity 21 kw
Total electric consumption 35 kw
Oil Tank Volume 390 L
Machine Size L:8100 x W:4280 x H:2360 mm
Machine Weight 17 tons
EVA Rubber Machines, Shoe Machinery, Plastic Soles Injection Making Machine, Tr Sole Injection Machine.