Shoes Machine

One / Two Color Rain Boots Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-510,Rotary Type Automatic Plastic Shoes Injection Moulding Machine
Item NSK-510 NSK-510 Unit
Number of stations 6 8 station
Size of mould available L510xW700xH188 L510xW700xH188 mm
Clamping mould force 138 138 tons
Screw rod diameter Ø85 Ø85 mm
Max. injection volume 1590 1590 cm³/shot
Thermal zone of barrel 4 4  
Motor 30HPx1, 5HPx1 30HPx1, 5HPx1 HP
Electric heating capacity 15.6 16.6 kw
Max. electric consumption 42 43 kw
Machine dimension L6930xW2740xH2195 L7050xW2890xH2195 mm
Machine weight 10.7 12 tons
EVA Mat Making Machine, Shoe Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Shoes Injection Moulding Machine, TPU Sole Injection Machine.