Shoes Machine

One / Two / Three Color Sport Shoes Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-294B,Rotary Type Automatic Single Color Soles Jointing & Ejecting Moulding Machine
Item NSK-294B Unit
Number of stations 12 station
Size of mould available L380xW180xH383 mm
Screw diameter 72 mm
Max. injection volume 730 cm³/shot
Thermal zone of barrel 4  
Motor 20HPx1 , 7 1/2HPx1, 5HPx1 HP
Electric heating capacity (8+12):20 kw
Max. electric consumption 45 kw
Volume of oil tank 750 L
Machine dimension L6200xW3680xH2170 mm
Machine weight 12 tons
EPS Foam Cutting Machine, Rubber Machine, One / Two Color Sole Injection Moulding Machine, Sport Shoes Machinery.