Shoes Machine

One / Two / Three Color Sport Shoes Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-210A,Single Colored Sole Jointing & Ejecting Molding Machine
The computerized monitoring system can automatically find out the abnormality of the machine so as to save time in problem solving and increase its operating rate.
The NSK-210A is flexible so that it can meet the quantity requirement for each individual order.
The hydraulic molding system enables the molds to close precisely and thus prevents burrs; result-a uniform high-quality product.
The  computer controlled operation of the molds completely protects the system, and ensures the safety of the molds.
A variety of ways to close the molds are available. You can choose the way which best suits the special features of the shoes.
The photoelectric digital control system makes it easy to adjust the ejection quantity. Ejection quantity is very stable.
The special lubrication system uses less electricity and assures noiseless operation of the machine.
This machine is suitable for solid raw materials, such as P.V.C., T.P.R., P.V.C. Foaming, and N.B.R.
The efficient cooling system improve the productivity of the machine.
Item NSK-210A Unit
Screw rod diameter 60 mm
Ejective capacity 560 gm
Mold size 380x180x383 mm
Motor 10HPx6P HP
Electric heating capacity 6 kw
Machine volume 3215x2130x1860 mm
Machine weight 2950 kgs
Packing dimension 4250x2350x2250 mm
Gross weight 3310 kgs
Boots Machinery, Rain Boots Machine, One / Two / Three Color Sport Shoes Injection Machine, Sport Sandals Machinery.