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One / Two Color Rain Boots Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-375-2C,Two Color Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection Moulding Machine

Two Color Rotary Type Rain Boots Automatic Injection Moulding Machine



In addition to Automatic Injection Moulding Machine, we also provide Rain Boots Injection Moulding Machine such as Two Color Rian Type Boots Automatic and Plastic Rain Boots Making Machines; all with best quality
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Fixed quantity by computer and auto ejection control assistant equipment make ejection quantity more precise and it is easier to operate.
Multiple security protection system ensures operators and moulds.
The whole machinery is working by hydraulic system.Poweerful mould locking and exact mould clamping make products no burr.
With special logical oil way design,it is high speed,high efficiency and high capacity.
With hydraulic shifting equipment,it is stable,noiseless and located exactly.
Refined temperature control system and preheating mould equipment make products bright without waste.
Auto monitoring system makes it easy to maintain.
Single-color and two-color production can be done at the same time.
Auto operation system coordinating with robot arm saves manpower.
It is easy to put on inner lining for the special structure of mould case,and the worth of finished products is great.
Unique fold type ejecting equipment makes great output and best moulding effect. The equipment of mould case makes long duration of mould and it is need notto maintain
Item NSK-375-2C Unit
Mould dimension 800x800x188 mm
Mould Station 8 stations
Mold Clamping force 300 toons(max.)
Ejective Capacity 2125+770 gm
Heater 40 kw
Pump Horsepower 50HPx1, 40HPx1, 10HPx1 HP
Total Electric 110 kw
Machine Size 9070x4240x2590 mm
Machine Weight 33000 kgs
EVA Mat Machinery Equipment, Shoe Gluing Machine, Plastic Shoes Injection Moldinge, TPU Machines.