Shoes Machine

One / Two / Three Color Sport Shoes Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-212,Two Colour Rotary Type Automatic Soles Jointing & Ejecting Machine
NSK-212(4stations or 6 stations) for single manual operation have high mobility and efficient suited for few order,sample,testing mould.
The unique design of separate produce have good cooling system to use materials of foaming and no foaming ,when using foaming material let production not change color,not change quantity expand best foaming effect.
It is suitable for P.V.C. foaming,T.P.R.,solid P.U. & N.B.R.
Photoelectric digit control system with 3 patents divides quantity of materials into four steps to control ejection quantity respectively and precisely.
The disc is computer operated to protect the system well especially to the moulds.
Movement of disc is hydraulic control with hydraulic brakes, enabling a stability in the movement and accuracy in positioning.
Special hydraulic design with speedy ,low electric cost drive by 20HP motor.
Hydraulic closed mould system with powerful mould locking and would not create fiber trims and permeation of colors.
Efficient cooling system have good effect of cooling and stable quantity.
Cooperate with Auto turn Last system,Auto clamping system easy to operation and high capacity.
Item NSK-212(4 station) NSK-212(6 station) Unit
Materials PVC. TPR. NBR PVC. TPR. NBR  
Mold station 4 6 stations
Capacity 55-65 55-65 pairs/hr
Screw rod diameter Ø60x1,Ø55x1 Ø60x1,Ø55x1 mm
Ejective capacity 500x1, 450x1 500x1, 450x1 gs
Stroke of ejecting 180 180 mm
Stroke of up-down 100 100 mm
Clamping Crank Crank  
Mould space 380x180x383 380x180x383 mm
Electric heating capacity 6.4kw x 2 6.4kw x 2 kw
Motor 4Px5HP, 6Px15HP 4Px5HP, 6Px15HP HP
Total electric 29 30 kw
Machine size 4600x2100x2300 5080x2180x2300 mm
Machine weight 7.5 8.3 ton
Packing dimension 4960x2520x2820 5380x2520x2820 mm
Packing weight 9.3 10.1 ton
Crimping Machine, Rotry Type Automatic PU Single Density Injection Moulding Machine, One / Two Color Rain Boots Injection Moulding Machine, Sport Shoe Injection Molding Machine.