Shoes Machine

One / Two Color Sandals, Slippers, Plastic Shoes Injection Moulding Machine

NSK-286-2C,Two color Rotary-Type Plastic shoes Automatic Injection Moulding Machine
NSK-286-2C is controlled by P.L.C. accurately; smoothly and easy maintenance.
Independent hydraulic system; precise pressure, & high production capacity & top quality products are available.
Unique design in clamping cylinder make strong clamping force, product without burr.
Firmed steel close-mould seat, It will never be deformed.
Steady disc control by hydraulic transition system, It will make the disc turn faster, set it exactly & without noise.
Clamping cylinder, Speedy high production & Will not damage the mould.
Screw rotation with hydraulic motor, Feeding smooth; speedy & soundless.
The machine specializes for making two colors, foaming or unfoaming products, Also can make one color products independently.
Hydraulin injection system : injects quantity accurately & high capacity.
Even a skilless worker can ooperate & maintain this machine easily.
Auto feeding system control by computer :Feed the material precisely & easy to adjust.
Auto computer scout system for disc's rotation : Locate accurately & without displacement.
Special design for feeding screw : Cause to a large quantity of production.
Item NSK-286-2C Unit
Screw rod diameter Ø70x2 mm
Ejective capacity 600x2 cm³/shot
screw revolution 0-100 r.p.m.
Motor of spiral oil pressure 275 kg-m
Mould of oil-pressure pump 4px3HPx2,6px25HPx2 kw/pole
Mould clamping force 50 ton
Mould clamping space(max.) 240 mm
Size of mould available(max.) 370x520 mm
Mould clamping frame 20 station
Electric heating capacity(glue) 16 kw
Acting oil capacity 550x2 L
Machine size 6300x6100x2100
Machine weight 9.8+7.3 ton
Gross weight 10.3+7.8 ton
Packing dimension 5600x1600x2150
Beach Sandals Machinery Equipment, Rain Boots Injection Moulding Machine, Multi-Station Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Sole Molding Machine.